2019 Publications

Ferrai, V. C.; Alvim, R. S.; de Queiroz, T. B.; Dalpian, G. M.; Souza, F. L.
Controlling the Activation Energy for Single through a Hybrid Polyelectrolyte Matrix by Manipulating the Central Coordinate Semimetal Atom
The Journal Physical Chemistry Letter, 10, 7684-7689, 2019.   Featured inRevista Pesquisa FAPESP; Artigo em destaque -SBPMAT; Blog Folha SP by Mariana Pezzo; CMDF.

Muche, D. N. F.; dos Santos, T. M. G.; Leite, G. P.; Melo-Jr, M. A.; Goncalves, R. V.; Souza, F. L.
Tailoring hematite/FTO interfaces: New Horizons for spin-coated hematite photoanodes targeting water splitting
Materials Letters, 254, 218-221, 2019.

Sombrio, G.; Pomar, C. D.; Oliveira, L. S. Freitas, A. L. M.; Souza, F. L.; Souza, J. A
Novel design of photocatalyst coaxial ferromagnetic core and semiconducting shell microwire architecture
Journal of Catalysis, 370, 61-69, 2019.

Soares, M. R. S.; Costa, C.A.R.; Lanzoni, E. M.; Bettini, J.; Ramirez, C. A.O.Souza, F.L.; Leite, E. R
Unraveling the role of Sn-segregation on polycrystalline hematite: raising the electronic conductivity by lowering the grain boundary blocking effect
https://doi.org/10.1002/aelm.201900065, 2019.

Carminati, S.A.; Barbosa, A. N.; Freitas, A. L. M.; Freire-Jr, F. L.; Souza, F. L.; Nogueira, A.F.;
Unraveling the role of single layer graphene as overlayer on hematite photoanodes
Journal of Catalysis, 379, 109-118, 2019.

Nogueira, A. E.; Soares, M. R. S.; Junior, J. B. S.; Ramirez, C. A.O.Souza, F.L.; Leite, E. R
Discovering a selective semimetal element to increase hematite photo anode charge separation efficiency
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 7, 16992-16998, 2019. 

Carvalho-Jr, W. M.;  Mendonça-Ferreira, L.; Cota, F. N.; Ferreira, F. F.; Muche, D. N. F.; A. Tofanello, Castro, R. H. R.; Souza, F. L.;
Annealing control of hydrothermally grown hematite nanorods: implications of structural changes and Cl concentration on weak ferromagnetism
Journal Alloys and Compounds, 799, 83-88, 2019. Materials Today (2019), News by Cordelia Sealy”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



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