2016 Publications

25- Carvalho-Jr, W. M.; Souza, F. L.
Thermal enhancement of water affinity on the surface of undoped hematite photoelectrodes.                                                                                                                                                        Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, v. 144, 1, p. 395 – 404, 2016.

26- Carminati, S. A.; Souza, F. L.; Nogueira, A. F
Enhancing hematite photoanode activity for water oxidation by incorporation of reduced graphene oxide.
ChemPhysChem, v. 17, 170-177, 2016

27- Souza, J. S.;  Carvalho-Jr,W. M.; Souza, F. L.; Ponce-de-Leon, C.; Bavykin, D. V.; Alves, W. A. 
Multihierarchical electrodes based on titanate nanotubes and zinc oxide nanorods for photelectrochemical water splitting

Journal Materials Chemistry A, 4(3), 944-952, 2016

28- Carvalho-Jr,W. M.; Souza, F. L.;
Hematite surface activation by chemical addition of tin oxide layer.
ChemPhysChem, 17(17), 2710-2717, 2016

29- Gonçalves, M. D.; Souza, F. L.; Longo, E.; Leite, E. R.; Camargo, E. R.; 
Dielectric Characterization of Lead Zirconate Titanate Ceramics Sintered by Microwaves.
Ceramics International, 43 (13), 14423-14430, 2016.                                             

30- Bellido-Aguilar, D. A.; Tofanello, A.; Furini, L. N.; Constantino, C. J. L.;  Souza, F. L.;
Effect of thermal treatment on solid-solid interface of hematite thin film synthesized by spin-coating deposition solution.
Thin Solid Films, 604, 28-39, 2016.                                                                                

31- Awad, A. S.; Nakhl, M.; Zakhour, M.; Santos, S. F.;  Souza, F. L.; Bobet, J. L.;
Effect of microwaves irradiation on hydrogen sorption properties of hand mixied MgH2 – 10 wt.% carbon fibers.
Journal Alloys and Compounds, 676, 1-8, 2016.                                                     

32- Paino, I.; Gonçalves, F.; Souza, F. L.; Zucolotto, V. 
Zinc oxide flower-like nanostructures exhibit enhanced toxicology effects in cancer cells
ACS Applied Materials and Interface, 8 (48), pp 32699–32705, 2016.

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