2018 Publications

Ferrari, V. C.; Sousa, V.; Dupim, I.; Souza, F. L.
Photoactive multilayer tungsten oxide electrode synthesized via dip-coating deposition solution
Ceramics International, 22983-22990, 2018. 

Souza, F. L.
Sunlight driven water splitting using hematite nanorod photoelectrodes  
Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences,  (Invited review to the upcoming special issue: “Brazil: Frontiers of Chemical Sciences”), Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências,  90, 745-762, 2018

Carvalho-Jr, W. M.; Souza, F. L.; Santos, S. F.; Bobet, J-L
Rapid microwave-assisted synthesis of zirconium aluminide alloys from Zr and Zr hydride.  
Materials Chemistry and Physics, 211, 249-257, (2018).

Muche, D. N. F.; Souza, F. L.; Castro, R. H. R.
New ultrasonic assisted co-precipitation for high surface oxide based nanostructure materials.  
Reaction Chemistry and Engineering, 3, 244-255, 2018. (Highlighted on the front Cover).

Pomar, C. D.; Tofanello, A.; Sombrio, G.; Souza, F. L. ; Souza, J. A.
Synthesis of SnS and ZnS Hollow Microarchitectures Decorated with Nanostructures and Their Photocatalytic Behavior for Dye Degradation.   ChemistrySelect, 3, 3774-3780, 2018.


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