2017 Publications

Ferrari, V. C.; Souza, F. L.
Synthesis of a lithium-ion conductive hybrid polyelectrolyte to be applied in electrochromic devices
Revista Brasileira de Iniciação Científica, Special Issue, 4, 239-253, 2017. 

Araujo-Junior, E. A.; Nobre, F. X.; Sousa, G. S.; Cavalcante, L. S.; Santos, M. R. M. C.; Souza, Flavio L.  Matos, Jose M. E.
Synthesis, growth mechanism, optical properties and catalytic activity of ZnO microcrystals obtained via hydrothermal processing
RSC Advances, 7, 24263-24281, 2017.

Freitas, A. L. M.; Souza, F. L.
Synergetic effect of Sn addition and oxygen-deficient atmosphere to design active haematite photoelectrodes for light-induced water splitting
Focus on solar water splitting, Nanotechnology, 28, (45) 454002, 2017.  

Ito, N. M.; Carvalho-Jr,W. M.; Muche, D. N. F.; Dalpian, G. M.; Castro, R. H. R.; Souza, F.L
High temperature activation of haematite nanorods for sunlight driven water oxidation reaction
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 25025-25032, 2017.

Hui, Li.; Souza, F.L.; Castro, R. H. R.
Kinetic and thermodynamic effects of manganese as densification aid in yttria-stabilized zirconia.
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 38 (4), 1750-1759, 2017.

Ribeiro, F. R.; Pedrosa, L. S.; Souza, F.L.; Dalpian, G. M.
Surface Fe vacancy defects on haematite and their role in the light-induced water splitting in artificial photosynthesis
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 31410-31417, 2017.

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