Mar 23

Talk “Advances in Biomechanics Applied to Sports” in the NWO-FAPESP Joint Workshop

Link to the slides of the talk by Prof. Marcos Duarte, Advances in Biomechanics Applied to Sports, in the NWO-FAPESP Joint Workshop: Research on Sports and Healthy Living, March 22-23th, 2016, FAPESP – Rua Pio XI, 1500 – Alto da Lapa – São Paulo, SP.

In the workshop scientists in São Paulo, Brazil, and in the Netherlands, will explore research collaboration opportunities, with a focus on new paradigms in fields like sports, physical exercises, performance, data sciences, prevention and rehabilitation, that can contribute to programs supported by FAPESP and NWO. Key Topics Include: Bioinformatics, Healthy, Movement, Sports.

Link for the event – www.fapesp.br/eventos/healthy

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